Thunkd: The Magnificent Makers of Evening-Sized Games

Andrew Crawshaw, the lead designer responsible for all the eye-candy in ‘Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture’, has embarked on a solo adventure, so I got on the blower to this fine Yorkshire lad to find out all about it. Thunkd is Andrew’s new, independent studio and The Magnificent Truffle Pigs – a metal detecting narrative game […]

Realistic Simulator Games

5 Realistic Simulator Games That Don’t Fuck Around

Animal Crossing was arguably the game of the pandemic, and while it may be a cute commitment, it hardly replicates the blood, sweat, and tar-speckled throat spit that goes into running a real farm or building a truly exploitative, large-scale economy. So, if you’re bored of “making friends with the villagers” and you’re ready to […]


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