Enter Player Three: Gaming Has a New Audience, and It’s Growing.

To proclaim yourself a “gamer” is to ride naked into a vast arena of bloody battle with nothing but a rusty sword. I know because I said it out loud once and was instantly subjected to an onslaught of obscure game stats and quotes, spat at me by an inexplicably angry colleague. I was happy […]

BAFTA-winning video games

11 Chilled Out, BAFTA-Winning Video Games.

If you’ve ever done a search for relaxing, combat-free video games, you’ll know the barrage of pure shit that Google will come back with. But, if you search hard enough, in amongst the piles of Candy Crush rip-offs there are some incredible games to be discovered. From beautiful scenery to award-winning storylines that will have […]

Yin Indie

Welcome to Yin Indie, the Home of Peaceful Video Games.

Step inside The Prancing Pony of gaming, a place where weary warriors come to catch their breath and enjoy the best peaceful video games. [TL;DR] Yin Indie gives you: A lovingly created directory of high-quality, low-stress video games. You can browse these at your leisure, or you can choose your mood and we’ll suggest games […]

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