Realistic Simulator Games

5 Realistic Simulator Games That Don’t Fuck Around

Animal Crossing was arguably the game of the pandemic, and while it may be a cute commitment, it hardly replicates the blood, sweat, and tar-speckled throat spit that goes into running a real farm or building a truly exploitative, large-scale economy. So, if you’re bored of “making friends with the villagers” and you’re ready to […]

Short Video Games

13 Short Video Games For Chilled Evenings (with completion times)

As time marches on, I find myself increasingly relying on short video games to fill the fun void. I rarely have time to shave my armpits nowadays, never mind dedicating weeks to learning the intricacies of some of the more epic AAA games out there. Bursting inventories, elaborate recipes, intelligent enemies, complex storylines – they’re […]

Steam Deck

Steam Deck – Finally You Can PC From the WC 🥳

Valve has just announced it’s launching the Steam Deck, a portable gaming PC that lets you take your Steam library with you wherever you go. I’ve already pre-ordered the pre-order (you have to reserve your spot on the pre-order invite list with a €4 fully-refundable deposit), and am hoping for delivery in Q1, 2022, at […]

Video Games with Stunning Scenery

9 Peaceful Video Games With Stunning Scenery

I don’t care what anyone says, fake nature still counts as nature. Video game scenery may not be the real thing, but immersing yourself in a virtual landscape draped in wildflowers, surrounded by meandering streams and imposing snow-capped mountains has got to be good for the old noodle. Especially in this messed up, locked down, […]


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