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[TL;DR] Yin Indie gives you:

  • A lovingly created directory of high-quality, low-stress video games. You can browse these at your leisure, or you can choose your mood and we’ll suggest games to match.
  • Shit-hot content inspired by all things chill gaming, including news, reviews, interviews, bite-sized listicles, and anything else we can think of – all with a sprinkling of humour and passive-aggressive cynicism.

Why I Created Yin Indie

I’m 40 years old, and I feel it. Back in the day, I used to smash out all-nighters playing Halo with my friends. I got tendonitis from playing Elder Scrolls for months on end. I used to know all the latest news about all the latest games and could name the studios behind each and every one of them.

Then I had a kid.

Now I can’t even go for a pee without being interrupted, never mind concentrate on an entire video game. So as the pressure of everyday life with a child took its toll, I started to find that on the rare occasions when I did have a few hours to myself, high-intensity games that required combat or complex strategies were just not practical anymore.

Without really noticing it, I found myself starting to dabble in *gasp* casual gaming. More specifically, casual video games without any combat. I quickly discovered that about 95% of these games are so bad they made me want to gouge my eyes out, but the 5% that are good, are really, really good. The more I played, the more I noticed that they were genuinely reducing my stress levels whilst still giving me a sufficient hit of that video game glory we all yearn for.

It took me a while to come to terms with the purpose of gaming having fundamentally changed for me. Pre-breeding, when I was young and carefree, gaming was an adrenaline hit to spice up my otherwise mundane day. It was a social event, a challenge.

Nowadays, I don’t need any more challenges. Have you tried getting a toddler’s leg into a pair of pants? They’ve got a knee-lock stronger than a fucking cart horse, it’s like trying to bend galvanised steel. No thanks. When I settle down for a momentary gaming session, I want an escape – an escape to somewhere calm, skilfully crafted, exciting, and fun. No pressure.

chill video games

I decided to create Yin Indie as a home for gamers like us: those who used to be bewildered by casual gamers, but who now find themselves knee-deep in nature, rich storylines, serene simulators, and the fresh air of open-world freedom. Whether you’re an exhausted parent, an anxiety-sufferer, perhaps you’re getting old and can’t keep up with the hardcore young gamers, or maybe you’re a hardcore young gamer who just needs a break from setting fire to prostitutes in GTA, Yin Indie is your throbbing womb of tranquillity.

I want to remove the stigma attached to these games and the people who enjoy them. Playing chill video games does not make us superficial, weak or unskilled gamers. We were the original gamers, you little shit. We’re like Alice Cooper when he took up golf, or The Sex Pistols’ John Lydon when he promoted that brand of butter; we used to smoke crack and set fire to prostitutes, but maybe now we like middle-class sports and organic dairy products.

Anyway, whatever your reason for visiting, thank you, and welcome to Yin Indie. Leave your weapons at the door and let us restore your health bar.

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As Yin Indie is in the fledgling stage, if there are any games you can’t find on site that fit the peaceful video game description, please let me know at hello@yinindie.com or submit the contact form below. Any general feedback or suggestions will also be gratefully received.

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