Why Non-Violent Video Games Are Making a Killing

To proclaim yourself a “gamer” is to ride naked into a vast arena of bloody battle with nothing but a rusty sword. I know because I said it out loud once and was instantly subjected to an onslaught of obscure game stats and questions, spat at me by an inexplicably angry colleague. I was happy to admit that I had no idea what he was talking about, which gave him the predictable pleasure of saying “HA. I thought you said you were a gamer?”

Over the last couple of decades it’s generally been like this. If you haven’t completed every popular game ever made, if you’re not knowledgeable to the point of obsession when it comes to a game’s weapons inventory, or you don’t have a strong opinion on the quality of the grass in Halo, then what in God’s name are you doing calling yourself a gamer?

gaming has a new audience
The grass in Halo was amazing for its time, to be fair.

It is with great relief, therefore, that a new audience is being catered for within the gaming industry, and it’s one that brings some much-needed balance to this often polarised landscape. For the purpose of this article, I’m calling them ‘Journey Gamers’: players who get more satisfaction from the journey that a game takes them on as opposed to being fixated on the destination. I’m hoping the term takes off and I can do an obnoxious Ted Talk about it one day.

Although they have common ground, journey gamers are different to more temperate, casual gamers in the sense that they have the same intense passion, appreciation and love of video games that a hardcore player has, they just don’t have the time, mental strength or ability to commit to the high-stakes, high-commitment games that get most of the attention in the industry. Plus, there are some casual games that are super stressful and us journey gamers like to keep our heart rates as close to death as possible.

But just because we don’t enjoy intense games as much as we once did doesn’t mean that we want to play shitty mobile sim games all day. While a quick search for relaxing, non-violent games will bring up some absolute atrocities, when you do manage to dig out a good one, SWEET JESUS, it’s mind-blowing. These atmospheric games are beautifully crafted, well thought out, and often emotionally-charged masterpieces that will have you thinking about them for days after you complete them.

To get an idea of what kind of games I’m talking about, just check out the stunning catalogue of publisher Annapurna Interactive, who seem to be incapable of backing anything but pure gaming gold. Here’s what their tweet mentions look like (courtesy of Ben Lindbergh):

Journey gamers have always been around on some level, but it’s only relatively recently that they are coming out of the closet in their droves. A huge 33% of the game titles announced in this year’s E3 were non-violent, up from 17% in 2019. The Nintendo Switch (the biggest console platform for non-violent video games) continues to enjoy relatively unwavering popularity and there is an evident appetite for combat-free side modes in AAA games across all platforms

Add to this the following factors, which seem to have all come together over the past year, and it’s safe to say that we are a force to be reckoned with (non-violently, of course).

1. The Cruel Passage of Time

non-violent video games

When we talk about a “new generation” of anything, we usually mean the up-and-coming kids, but in this case I’m referring to the older, more battle-hardened players that are emerging as a new generation of gamers. There are a bunch of us in our 40s and 50s who used to be hardcore gamers, we would pull all-nighters, obsess over kill-streaks, and trash-talk our friends’ mums (to their faces because we had no internet) in between downing our 15th energy drink.

Interestingly, according to a recent study by Global Web Index, the 55-64 year old demographic of gamers has grown 32% since 2018. Now, before you think “no shit, people age”,  it’s more an indication that age is becoming less of an obstacle for gamers year-on-year, perhaps because there are more options when it comes to the kind of games we can play.

You see, us crusties now have fancy jobs that come with an often terrifying level of responsibility. We go to bed at 10pm because we pretend we’re going to go to the gym at 6am, we eat clean, sit on bullshit panels, and listen to smug CEO audiobooks in our spare time so we don’t get left behind at the next career development meeting. In terms of time (and our dubious health thanks to all the energy drinks), not all of us can afford the commitment required to be good at the video games that dominate the charts. But, at the same time, we desperately want to remain part of the community, so to get our kicks we seek out high-quality, top-flight games that come without any complicated skill-trees or time-consuming mechanics.

2. The Continuation of the Species

Gamer parents

Parent gamers are similar to new generation gamers in that time is a commodity we just don’t have. We also don’t have clean hair, clothes without hoods, or a social life. So even when we do get some time to ourselves, gaming is quite a distance down the list. But gaming is THE greatest escape, and if anyone needs an escape, it’s parents. We deserve to have the best games. We want somewhere immersive and calm to get lost in for an hour or two that’s not going to punish us if we have to abandon it for few days because our toddler has decided that shitting in the bed is now a fun thing to do and it’s going to take a while to put a stop to that behaviour without breaking any laws.

3. Soul-Crushing Anxiety

This is fine

Let’s face it, life is shit. From the minute we wake up we’re bombarded with 24-hour sensationalist news, vicious twitter trolls, photoshopped influencers telling us we’re ugly, armageddon-esque pandemic coverage, world leaders who couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery. No wonder anxiety disorders are on the rise. Now, I’m clearly not a doctor so I’m not declaring that video games are clinically proven to relieve anxiety, however I can point you to The Journal of Games for Health, particularly this study from 2020, which states that video games as a form of relief for anxiety, depression, stress and low mood is “a promising area for further study”.

I can only speak for myself when I say that a sudden onset of anxiety symptoms caused by three months of lockdown did ease off dramatically when I started playing scenic, chilled, story-rich games whenever I had the chance. For those few months, it was the only thing I looked forward to. There has never been a time when these types of games have been more needed than now, in this diabolical shit-show of a society.

4. That Pesky Pandemic

Covid this is fine

On the subject of the pandemic, over a year’s worth of lockdowns and quarantines have meant that most people have been stuck indoors a lot more than they would have been otherwise. This has resulted in home entertainment, gaming in particular, seeing an incredible boost. It seems that people who were perhaps too intimidated to pick up a controller or were disinterested in the whole video game culture have been pushed to try it out of sheer desperate boredom. This has opened up a whole new audience: gamers who don’t necessarily want to compete with 14-year-old esports athletes every minute of every day, but want to be entertained in their living rooms by engaging characters whose fate they can control, or enjoy the simple yet rewarding mechanics of a story-based, environmental puzzle. These guys have taken their first tentative step into the world of gaming, and I have a feeling they’re here to stay.

Journey gamers are a loyal, likeable, and lucrative sector that are being taken increasingly seriously and are absolutely worth catering for. But it’s not an exclusive club; even the most hardcore gamer needs a break from mindless killing sprees and endless bandit quests. These relaxing video games are a way to restore your health bar before you dive back in to your next virtual genocide project. And the best thing about journey gamers? We won’t judge you for it – because when you’re butt-naked with nothing but a rusty sword in your soft hands, you’re not really in a position to judge anyone.

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